There are no guarantees on which edition the card will be unless otherwise specified in the product title.

Card Condition Guide

Near Mint

Cards sold on our website are assumed to be Near Mint or better. Any card classed as played will have 'Played' in the product title.

Near Mint cards may have some minor imperfections, the card overall will still be in excellent shape condition-wise and will be playable in tournaments. There can be a few flaws including but not limited to:

  • Light edge wear
  • Light scuffing
  • Minor warping
  • Minor corner wear
  • Few nicks or dings
  • Small light impressions


Played cards will have more noticeable or more imperfections, but should still be tournament playable in sleeves. While most items with this condition are not recommended for collectors, they are ideal for players looking for a cheaper option to use in their decks. These flaws can include but are not limited to:

  • Edgewear
  • Scuffing
  • Warping
  • Corner wear
  • Moderate nicks or dings
  • Impressions
  • A very minor crease

Too many of these imperfections will cause a card to be graded Played.